Audio Project

In this series, students work on a project that is cross-curricular. It requires coordination between the subjects, including appropriate timing and allow for drafts, revisions, preliminary recordings, and other necessary pre-product due dates to support the students along the way.

The focus on science is not the audio, nor the writing, but rather on the content. However, the audio is included in this Rubric in order to assure they are focusing on the important elements of the podcast aspect as well.

Below, you will find the project description, the rubric, and a sample recording of the first 30 seconds – 1 minute of a recording. They will be using their best podcast in their presentation, with the same timing.

Audio Sample can be found HERE.


Resources for this project might include

Non-copyright music for intro and outro

Is it legal for you to use the material in your podcast?

Published material copyright diagram

To access the interactive version of this diagram, refer to THIS website.



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