Website for classes

Here’s my website for this year.  I used Google Sites. It was very easy to set up, and very easy to add things from the Google Drive.

It’s been a journey. Gone through some iterations. And still needs a lot of help. I am trying to balance what works for me and what works for the students. Sometimes easy on my part is difficult for them.

The things that worked for me:

  • easy to use, update
  • separate into classes, all accessible in one place
  • upload videos, documents, and now know how to embedd!
  • different templates of pages ready to go, such as file storage page, blog, announcement, create your own
  • Weekly page for assignments (this did’t work for the students so I changed it to blog posts)

Things that didn’t work:

  • The design, the layout and trying to fit too much into one place
  • Not figuring out how to have the students interact with it at all
  • Sidebar and organizing
  • limited access – only those in our organization and with the link (can everyone here access it?)
  • Resources page – I didn’t do a good job of keeping up with it. And the layout for it was not organized.

Any advice or feedback welcome. I will probably have a different setup next year. I imagine much cleaner and easy to read. Definitely going to keep a file page for each class. I really don’t like the rolling blog for assignments, but the students like it. I haven’t yet thought of a way around this.

I think that overall, it comes down to design and organization. Once we are familiar with what a website does or can do, then it becomes easier to manage and make it work for us (both teachers and students). And one should have some skill in recognizing design that works.




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