…what was 932 for me?

imageThe main concepts that this course has helped me to incorporate into my teaching involved responsibility, digital footprint, technology as a way to enhance, and establishing professional and interesting communication with students through use of technology.

What did I do?

I have created a blog that allows me to begin my professional digital footprint and considering what elements will make a blog successful and useful for myself and other educators.

I have reformatted course syllabi to make them attractive and engaging, using technology to help me design the layout and make it easy to access.

Perhaps the most significant element has been helping me find the tools and interest to guiding my students to become more responsible in their use of copyrighted work from the internet. By becoming more educated myself, then I am able to become the example for students to follow. This course opened the door that I was already searching for, and became a catalyst for inspiration to begin these conversations in my classes.

I believe that establishing good habits in our students starts with me as a teacher; and habits are the things that we will take with us throughout our lives no matter where we go. If I can help students to develop assessment skills in the resources they use, and respecting the sources of information and media they use, then it will be a habit that they can transfer into other facets. This is the true purpose of education, to help students plant seeds that will grow into trees that give them fruit and benefit their lives and the lives of others.


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