#9 Concepts from EDUC932

What is a concept (not a tool) you learned in this class that you will be able to incorporate into your teaching?

  • Technology as a tool to advance learning
    • Proficiency comes with practice and bravery to explore; anyone can do it (Learning doing screencasting)
    • Improving learning using technology isn’t just about the tools, but is about the way that we can use technology to broaden the scope of our learning. (SAMR)
  • Responsibility
    • Ownership and copyrights – starts with awareness and then help others to develop skills that will help them to recognize that everything on the internet is not free for their use.
    • Maintaining your digital footprint so it is respectable and a positive reflection of who you are; a source of reference for the future
    • All your actions are not invisible – you are being watched!
  • Redefining ourselves and our teaching
    • The power is in the hands of the students already, but we just have to allow them to use it to better their own learning
    • The classroom has an impact on our learning – why not make it so that it serves as the best environment possible for developing our curiosities.
    • Questions should be the focus of learning – not the answers. If we are still looking for the answers, we might miss the questions that open up a whole new world.


Image source: Creative Commons Digital Citizenship Posters, here.


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