#2 Presenting…


As a teacher, it is easy to evaluate students and tell them what they need to do in order to present more effectively. Half of it has to do with the design of the presentation itself, and the other half has to do with their attitude and their approach to the presentation.

As with anything, it is easier to see outside of ourselves than to look back to how we do. But I have noticed that as I give feedback to my students, I become immediately aware that I am not being a good model for them all the time. Rather than telling them what they should do, I should do my best to show them. So, what follows is a list of how I would like to start becoming a more effective presenter.

About the presentations:

The content has to be presented brief but complete.

Images are memorable, if they are good. It is easy to select whatever image that matches, but getting images that stick, that help make a connection to the content are ideal. I am usually focused on the information, and have to yet use the funny or catchy images that can be so powerful.

Keeping design simple. I find myself more attracted to the simple screens, solid colors, something that goes along with the content and doesn’t take attention away from the content.

Creative and engaging for the audience. What I like is not necessarily what my students will like.

About the presenting:

Confidence in presenting comes from real knowledge. If I have real knowledge about the topic, then I know what is valuable to share, and what inspires students to go and find information further.

Humor always helps. Or dramatic presentations. Perhaps it is the age of my students, but I think everyone appreciates an engaging presentation. It is definitely an aspect that deserves more training on my behalf.


Tips on Images: https://prezi.com/9j9esxk9am4h/5-tips-for-using-images-in-presentations/

And an inspiring presentation for teachers in terms of content, and also in his method of presenting explained in the following blog: http://www.presentationzen.com/




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