Presentation Project

I created this project for the Human Systems element of my 6th grade Life Science class.

The intention is to have the students work on this during class time, using their electronic devices to aid them in research. While they are learning about human body systems, I hope that they too will become familiar with Prezi, which is a presentation tool none of the students are yet familiar with.


Human Body Project


Students will learn how the body functions by researching and presenting information about a major body system.


Five 50-minute class periods, or 3 90-minute blocks. (including presentations)


  • Students randomized into groups of 3 and decide on a system
  • Create a document for information and layout
  • Create a Prezi account
  • Start presentation after the Info Document has been completed

Links to Project:

Rubric- Human Body Project


Screencast of Presentation sample for the project




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